Podcast Summaries

Objective:  Engage listeners with compelling content summaries for Retail: Recorded's upcoming podcasts.  

Retail Recorded: Episode 26 | 2023 Retail Highlights

In this month’s episode of Retail Recorded, Nicole Larson, National Manager of Retail Research at Colliers, joins host Anjee Solanki for a lively recap of retail highlights for 2023. From the Black Friday that wasn’t and the growth of educated consumers spending more in-store, Anjee and Nicole share insights into the influences driving consumer behaviors and the unexpected generosity of retailers to welcome them back to brick-and-mortar.

Podcast | Retail: Recorded, Episode 24 | The American Dream

In our next episode of Retail: Recorded, Anjee Solanki interviews Dimitri LaLagos, SVP of Leasing and Retail Development, at Triple Five, the holding company that owns and operates American Dream in New Jersey. They discuss the complexities of retail, what it takes to curate the tenant mix for a global attraction five miles from Times Square, and how brands are coming around to the idea of larger footprints as a long-term investment.

Retail: Recorded, Episode 22 | Latin America Retail Markets

In this month’s episode of Retail Recorded, Anjee Solanki discusses the global state of retail in emerging Latin American markets with Suzanne Hollander, attorney, speaker and commercial real estate advisor for private investors and government entities the US and Latin America. Suzanne, who recently traveled to Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Peru, and Paraguay, shares her observations on the success of LATAM shopping centers, with insights into the mall as a community and how culture can influence th